Yamaha, one of the famous Japanese Trio gave its gem to the Indian market nearly 3 decades ago. The RX-100 was the best a company could do with a small sized engine and conservative styling. Built with a 98 cc engine, the 2-stroke machine was a pocket rocket.

30 years are here to finish but the demand still remains fresh as everyone wish to have a RX-100 with them, making it the most desired, but not practically possible used bike in India. With its lightweight body and high power output, the power to weight ratio of the bike made it the best 100 cc bike ever built for mass production.

The engine of the RX-100 produced a maximum of 11 BHP and 10.39 NM of torque, which were definitely the power values of a 125cc or 135cc machine. The weight of 95 kg made it more responsive and the bike successfully made a 0-400 meter run in 14 seconds.

Some people even say that the top speed of 100 kmph made some of the authorities worry that if Yamaha has plonked a high displacement engine (more than 100cc) in the bike, which was then opened and tested, resulting in a 98cc engine. This would have been a really proud moment for an automaker and Yamaha continued its legacy from that day to the present.

The production of the bike started with CKD kits assembly for the first year and manufacturing of the bike here from the following years. It was sold from November 1985-March 1996. The Made in Japan written on the engine is one of the most valuable models of the RX-100, even being sold for approximately INR 90,000 on OLX.

The range generally starts from INR 9,000 and goes up to INR 50,000 for the fully restored models. Its approx. price back in 1987 was INR 19,764, which equals more than 3 times when calculated according to the current value of money.

People still love the bike more than anything else, which is why spending a lot of money on its restoration never pinches a RX-100 fan. The bike normally has much more amount of money spent on it than its original value and this makes the India's first motorcycle love a very special one.


  • Yamaha RX 100 was manufactured from November 1985 to March 1996
  • It is one of the best 100cc motorcycles ever built in India, lost life due to strict emission norms
  • It was one of the most reliable and peppiest small displacement bikes in India
  • Many authorities double checked by opening the engine to make sure it was a 100cc
  • A Tuned Yamaha RX 100 can cross 0-400 metre distance in about 14 seconds
  • Bikes manufactured between 1985 & 1987 were knock-down kits from Japan and were assembled in India
  • The approximate on-road price of Yamaha RX 100 in 1987 was Rs. 19,764
  • The advertising campaign slogans of RX 100 were - "Born to Lead" & "Ahead of the 100s"
  • Lightning fast with super light body weight of 95 kg (dry weight)
  • One of the most desired 2nd hand bikes in India
  • People love to spend money on RX 100’s restoration and modification
  • Top speed of a 135cc bike (100 kmph) without tuning


  • 98cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine
  • Maximum power of 11 BHP @ 7500 RPM
  • Maximum torque of 10.39 NM @ 6500 rpm
  • 4-speed transmission
  • Top speed of 100 KMPH
  • 0-60 KMPH in 7.5 seconds
  • Dry weight of the bike is 95 Kg
  • Front suspension - Japanese Kayaba telescopic fork, oil damped
  • Rear suspension - Swing arm, coil spring, oil damped
  • Front and rear brakes - 130mm internal expanding drum brakes

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