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The Volvo S60 is a compact executive car. It is produced by the Swedish automaker Volvo. The engine range of the S60 comprises four petrol engines and three diesels. The engines have 5 cylinders. Volvo S60 accelerates 100 kmph speed in just 7.7 seconds. The interiors of this car are the most attractive part of the car. The showroom price of this car is 25.57 to 35.57 lakh. The fact which makes Volvo cars most famous is its handling and safety features. The brakes are pre-charged to make it act faster for response and if the difference between your car and the vehicle in front is less than v15 km/h, city safety can even help you avoid a collision. City safety is activated when the car is started. Safety of all passengers is assured with high end technologies like reinforced passenger compartment which save the occupants from severe injuries in case of collision, energy-absorbing frontal structure helps in protecting the front part of the car from heavy collision and WHIPS cradles

Fast Facts

Height 1484 mm
Width 2097 mm
Length 4628 mm
Wheelbase 2776 mm
Predecessor Volvo S70
Type Sedan
Manufacturer Volvo Cars
Layout/Engine 1984cc/2400cc

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