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The Phaeton by German luxury car maker Volkswagen is a full size sedan or saloon made for the high end market. The car is usually dubbed by automobile enthusiasts and Volkswagen themselves as the company’s premium class vehicle. The luxury car was formally introduced to the global auto market during the Geneva Motor Show in 2002, prompting worldwide attention and consumer buzz. The car was originally conceived by Ferdinand Piëch, the former chairman of the prominent Volkswagen Group. He initially commanded engineers of Volkswagen to make a car or a sedan that will exceed the performance of the other German automobile market leaders namely BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The company also initially wanted to boost the brand image of Volkswagen. The car was also intended to look more like of a limousine just as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class looks like. The car’s name was derived from a Greek mythology. It was the son of Phoebus, who is also known as Helios, due to its auto body style.

Fast Facts

Manufacturer Volkswagen
Type Sedan
Length 5175 mm
Width 1903 mm
Height 1450 mm
Wheelbase 3001 mm
Layout/Engine 3597cc V6 Petrol

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