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The superb is a luxurious car that was developed by Skoda Motors Corporation. It has many exciting features that make the both comfortable and luxurious. It is a vehicle that has a lot of comfort. The interiors of this car are made up of luxury items that make the car comfortable to ride in. the seats are made up of leather. This makes the car interesting since they feel soft to touch. An AC and a stereo radio makes one comfortable while inside of this car. Skoda Superb is a four –door sedan large family car manufactured by Czech automaker Skoda Auto as its flagship car. The versions of the car which were produced between the years 2001-2008 are majorly based on Volkswagen Passat however the size has been elongated by 10 inches and shares power train and mechanism of Passat. The name superb has already been used by Skoda for the luxury cars produced between 1934 and 1942. Superb is currently the most luxurious car amongst all the car models of Skoda. Different models of car rang

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