Manasi Salvi

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Manasi Salvi is a popular tv and movie actress from India known for her remarkable acting skills. In each movie that she is cast, her acting prowess is always remarkable. She appeared in the movie “Sarivar Sari” in 2005 where she played the role of the protagonist’s sister Mini, who is studying medicine and is highly favored by their father. Manasi Salvi also appeared in the Marathi movie “Aai Shapath” in 2006, where she played the lead role of Gargi, who goes through a lot, from dealing with men who wants her and a roommate who is very hostile, and then comes home to find out about the secret life of her mother and the fact that her father is not really dead. She once had to take a break from acting because she had to take a pregnancy leave and gave birth to her child. But in 2009 she made a comeback and her career has not been much better.

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Fast Facts

Full Name Manasi Salvi
Marital Status Married
Date of Birth January 19, 1974
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress
Spouse Hemant Prabhu

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