Gallardo Lp 560

Updated 10 years ago | By: Maxabout Team

It is a sports car built by Lamborghini. It is the most produced model by Lamborghini. In its first 7 years of production, only 10,000 cars were built. There are two types of transmissions offered by this car. One is six speed manual transmission and the other is the semi-automatic robotized manual. Changes include a new front bumper. The Gallardo LP 560 has E-gear which comes with Thrust Mode launch control system. The live reveal photos of this car are absolutely great. It has an Italian nature to the brand. The design is as unique as it is stylish. The engine has volcanic energy. Whatever color the rest of the body has it has a black roof. The car sprints like anything with top speed. There is an aggressive appearance to the exterior. The instrument panel, seats, door panels and other passenger compartment elements are finished in “Nero Persus” leather. The car has decent fuel economy.

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