Sonata Transform

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Hyundai has made a car which can be described as distinctively ahead of its competitors. The name of the car is Hyundai Sonata Transform. Describe by Auto India, the car is of good value and it’s the best in its class. The car is a mark of today’s generation and it is very well built. The interior gives one a fresh look and the car is now more powerful with an automated gearbox. The cabin is very spacious and it’s a good place to be in. The transform provides a great value for money and the 2.4 liter CRD-I VGT engine pulls in all the shots of economy and power to make an outstanding car.

Fast Facts

Assembly Chennai, India
Length 4800 mm
Width 1832 mm
Height 1485 mm
Manufacturer Hyundai
Predecessor Hyundai Stellar
Type Sedan
Wheelbase 2730 mm
Designer Choi Jong Min
Layout/Engine 1991cc, CRDi, Diesel

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