Hyundai i30

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The all new Hyundai I30 is expected to take the family car market by storm because of its elegant look and extra emphasis on comfort and safety. This neatly finished automobile is available in six variants and an economical price. Furthermore, it has generous passenger space, a five year unlimited mileage warranty, a safety kit, a spectacular audio system, and other luxuries that make it stand out among other cars. It is a popular choice for customers all over the world due to which the World Wide Web is full of Hyundai I30 images to give prospective customers an idea of what they're in store for. With such model elements and publicity, this new automobile will surely stay in the market for a long time.

Fast Facts

Height 1480 mm
Length 4245 mm
Width 1775 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Type Hatchback
Manufacturer Hyundai Motors
Layout/Engine 1396cc, Gamma petrol engine

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