Accent Executive

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Hyundai Auto Accent Executive has very exclusive look and great design and offers very comfortable ride. Its simplicity made it very popular and achieved a good position in family car in this segment of India. You can enjoy great drive with your Accent Executive because it gives much thrill back into driving. Hyundai Auto Accent Executive has very smooth suspension, alert engine, a zippy and supreme luxury which made it a better car.Hyundai Accent has two Variants. They are- Accent Executive and Accent Eco LPG. Accent Executive is now available at a price Rs. 5, 90,000 and Accent Eco LPG. is available at the price Rs. 6, 34,000. Now they are available in many cities of India.

Fast Facts

Height 1370 mm
Length 4250 mm
Width 1670 mm
Type Sedan
Manufacturer Hyundai Motors
Layout/Engine 1495cc, 4-cylinder, petrol engine

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