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The Honda Activa is a motor scooter is produced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India. It is first revealed in India in 2000. Economically, the Honda Activa was integrated advanced technology made the ride and handling up to the job of tackling bumpy streets. The engine is 102 cc, 7bhp, four strokes with auto gear box. The engine has the kick and self-starts option. The tires are “tuff-up” tire which is puncture resistant with tube combination. The scooter is fuel efficient with better mileage. The new version of Honda Activa is unveiled on 27 March 2009 with a new 110 cc engine. When you ride its front drum brake, with rear drum brake permit you a bit extra nonsense activity of passers-by in the event of traffic jam. It features with comfortable features for two people to make your riding experience good in the city road.

Fast Facts

Type Scooterette
Top Speed 80 km/h
Length 1761 mm
Width 710 mm
Height 1147 mm
Weight 110 kg
Wheelbase 1238 mm
Manufacturer HMSI
Seat Height 765 mm

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