Dimple Kapadia

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The Indian Bollywood actress 'Dimple Chunnibhai Kapadia' famously known as Dimple Kapadia (8 June 1957) entered the bollywood community at the age of 16 with the blocklbuster movie 'Bobby' (1973), a teen romance with 'Rishi Kapoor' which rendered the record registers ringing. She is the eldest daughter of a Gujarati business person 'Chunnibhai Kapadia' and 'Betty Kapadia'. Even before the release of her first film Bobby, she married the man of her dreams, the romance king 'Rajesh Khanna' and then retired from acting though being the most promising actress. According to the critics after her first release, she is the girl who has redefined grace and glamour. Dimple's knotted polka-dotted blouse and earphone hairstyle has become her signature style making her a fashion icon amongst the youth. But after her marriage and retirement when she was not even 17, she left hindi cinemas to raise their children: 'Twinkle Khanna' (1974) and 'Rinke Khanna' (1977). After her unsuccessful married life and seperation from Rajesh Khanna in 1982, she made a comeback in the film industry to prove her acting capabilities with the movie 'Sagar' (1984). After that she worked in many successful films like 'Zakhmi Sher', 'Manzil Manzil', 'Janbaaz', 'Kaash', 'Zakhmi Aurat', 'Rudaali' etc proving her intensity and passion receiving several awards. It is said that it was Rajesh who banned her to do more films. In an interview in 1985, she was spotted saying, 'The life and happiness in our house came to an end the day I and Rajesh got married'. But they never filed a divorce even after years of seperation. The duo was later seen together in some parties and get togethers. As his husband Rajesh Khanna's health began to detoriate, Dimple attended him throughout his ill health until his death on 18 July 2012.

Fast Facts

Date of Birth June 8, 1957
Full Name Dimple Chunnibhai Kapadia
Marital Status Married
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 5' 3"
Occupation Actress
Spouse Rajesh Khanna

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