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Chevrolet is one of the most respected companies in the world of auto making. It is a SUV that comes in a very compact package. The car is known to have very amazing features. The car is very comfortable from the inside. The Orlando is very roomy. It has a sitting for seven with very comfortable seats. There is enough legroom and head room. Just like many other SUV Vehicles, it runs on diesel. Diesel is very efficient in powering heavy vehicles. People love this car because it looks good. It is a symbol of power. It also has a baby seat where one can place their child.

Fast Facts

Height 1633 mm
Length 4652 mm
Manufacturer Chevrolet
Type MUV
Wheelbase 2760 mm
Width 1836 mm
Layout/Engine 4V, 2.0 VCDi (163PS)

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