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The BMW Z4 series model is quite a hit one. It is a rear wheel drive sports car. It has replaced the Z3. Both roadster and coupe form are available in this car. This luxury sports car is a beautiful machine. The sound system in the car is absolutely fabulous. It ranks 6 out of 8 in the Luxury Sports Car. It is a totally reliable and safe car. The aggression in this car is all amped up. It was named the finalist in the Motor Trends’ showdown for “Car of the Year”. It is sleek, sexy, luxurious and powerful. It does not flaunt all out sports performance and is more of a luxury car. The interior is high class with high end performance. So for all those customers who want luxury sports, this car is totally manufactured to suit your style. It has a bonus of added sports performance with luxury.

Fast Facts

Manufacturer BMW
Type Roadster
Length 4239 mm
Width 1951 mm
Height 1291 mm
Wheelbase 2496 mm
Layout/Engine 2979cc V6 Petrol

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