5 Series Gt Pas

Updated 12 years ago | By: Maxabout Team

If you are an executive and looking for a mid-sized luxurious car then, BMW is just waiting for you. You will find everything you want from the BMW 5 series GT PAS. It gives you pleasure in every way possible. You will get a great view of the road as the seat provides you with 5cm higher seating position. There is adequate head and legroom for the passengers. You can take whole lot of luggage and your necessary things as there is 1700 liters of load bay. It has 8-speed gearbox. It has a V8, 90-degree engine with 4395 cc. It has a maximum hp of 408 and a basic torque power of 442 lb-ft. It can go from 0 to 60 mph from 5.2 seconds.

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