2010 Bmw Z4

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The Z4 is a powerful sports car. It is made by BMW automaker which has its headquarters in Germany. The 2010 Bmw Z4 is a coup that is very comfortable. The z4 has a powerful engine too. It has a displacement of about 2979cc. it is a rear wheel drive that does all of what the company states. Reliability is another factor that makes the Z4 ahead of the competition. The car is very solid. It does now wobble even when turning at high speed. This ensures that it is able to negotiate short corners even when it is moving at high speed. The car defines power and aggression.

Fast Facts

Manufacturer BMW
Predecessor BMW Z3
Type Roadster
Length 4239 mm
Width 1951 mm
Height 1291 mm
Wheelbase 2496 mm
Layout/Engine 2979cc, V6 Petrol

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