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Bhanu is the stage name of the Indian film actress named Muktha Elsa George. She appeared in few Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu language films. Bhanu started her career as an artist of the television serial and then moved to film industry. Her first movie was Achanurangatha Veedu (Malayalam) which was released in 2005. Then she also acted in Telegu and Tamil movies through “Photo” and “Thaamirabharani” respectively. After starting her career in 2005, she is going nicely. In her career, she has other movies like Goal (Malayalam), The Filmstar (Malayalam), Azhagar Malai (Tamil), Sattapadi Kutram (Tamil) and many more. Bhanu images will come with the images of these movies where she performed. Through these images, everyone will get to know how she looks like. Besides attracting audiences, these images will also attract various people related to the movie line which should come helpful for her in near days.

Fast Facts

Full Name Muktha Elsa George
Nationality Indian
Date of Birth 1991
Occupation Actress
Other Names Bhanu

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October 27, 2016
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