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The Azure, also known in the international auto market as Bentley Azure, is a huge car that is capable of having four people sit and travel together. It is also a very elegant four seater convertible that was well built by the popular auto company Bentley Motors Limited at its very own factory located in Crewe, England. The car’s unique model was able to debut back in the year 1995 on the wide Continental platform. The car was then produced in its very original guise until the year 2003. Meanwhile, another Bentley masterpiece was released in the global auto market. It was an entirely new version of the car which was being powered by a very well updated engine. The 2006 version is on the newer Arnage platform. According to a research dating back in the year 2009 by the famous internet company Yahoo, the car is the fourth most fuel consuming car being sold in the United Kingdom.

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