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Q3 is an amazing car produced and manufactured by Audi. The car is a marvel to look at and combines performance, style and innovative technologies to provide clients with a whole new experience. The car comes in an array of colors that has been instrumental in providing clients with a wide range of choices to make. Q3 contains unique and world class features which have been the major selling point of the car. The amazing car is powered by a powerful engine that has been the core of its amazing performance. The safety features have been engineered to ensure safety of occupants. The car has beautiful and exquisite interior and exterior designs which have made them highly popular among clients who love quality and style.

Fast Facts

Assembly Aurangabad, India
Height 1608 mm
Width 1831 mm
Length 4385 mm
Manufacturer Audi
Wheelbase 2603 mm
Type Crossover
Layout/Engine 2.5L TFSI I5

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