Sasural Genda Phool

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Sasural Genda Phool is an Indian Hindi television melody drama series. The story is set in the streets of Old Delhi. The show depicts the story of a rich and spoilt girl by name Suhana Bajpayee, who lost her mother when she was a child. She lives with her teenage sister, Sanjana and dad. Suhana has a boyfriend by name Sid, who is a model. On the other side, Ishaan Kashyap is a young software engineer, who stays with his extended family in Delhi-6. He is a simple and a serious guy and has no girlfriend. Fate mediates and Ishaan and Suhana meet each other. Every time they meet, they have clashes and arguments. Suhana is very depressed with her boyfriend, as he rejects the proposal of marriage and says Suhana that she is not a 'marriage material'. To prove his boyfriend, Suhana accepts to marry anyone her father chooses. Suhana's dad sees Ishaan and is impressed by him. He make up his mind to get his daughter married to Ishaan. Suhana and Ishaan get married but Suhana doesnot accept him as her husband. As the time passes, Suhana gets adjusted with a large active family. While Badi Maa's husband has abandoned her, Radha her aunt in the show was raped by another man who had bought her from her husband itself on her wedding night. She concieve a child and give birth. His name is deepak but he stays in a hostel as she cannot resist him in front her because his face reminds her the ugly incident she is gone through.

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Fast Facts
Channel Star Plus
Country of Origin India
Production Company Ravi Ojha Productions
Running Time 26 minutes
Language Hindi
Director Ravi Ojha, Rakesh Kumar
Producer Ravi Ojha, Zama Habib
Genre Drama, Romantic Comedy

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