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Bill Goldberg was born in Oklahoma in the United States of America on the twenty seventh of December in the year 1966. He has been a professional wrestler who has been active in this field from the year 1997 to 2004 and he has also been a popular football player in the early 90s. Bill Goldberg is currently a popular actor who has been active from 1998 and his films include The Universal Soldier in which he played the role of Romeo as well as Santa’s Play where he played the role of Santa Claus. Bill Goldberg is a son to the late Obstetrician and Gynecologist who was also a graduate of Harvard University who divorced his wife and later died in the year 2006. On the other hand, his mother Ethel is a professional violinist who also breeds flowers. Bill Goldberg Images include his moving images that can be accessed through watching World Wrestling Entertainment. These images can be used as a kind of entertainment and they are available all over websites.

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Fast Facts
Full Name William Scott Goldberg
Date of Birth December 27, 1966
Place of Birth Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S
Marital Status Married
Weight 121 Kg
Occupation Football Player, Wrestler, Actor
Other Names Goldberg
Spouse Wanda Ferraton

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